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Rhinoplasty Richmond

Published on August 24, 2019

The nose is a central feature of our face and the proportion of it directly affects the way we perceive the rest of the features of our face. Many people are unhappy with the nose they were born with because they feel it is too large, too small, or they dislike bumps or indentations visible in the profile of the nose. Other common issues people have with their nose is the tip of the nose being too wide, too narrow, too upturned or downturned, the nostrils being misshapen or uneven, or the nose being crooked. While aesthetic concerns are often the motivation for a Rhinoplasty, also called Nose Surgery, functional concerns can also cause someone to seek out Rhinoplasty. Deviated septums and other obstructions in the airway of the nose may be corrected through nose surgery.

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