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Richmond Short Scar Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Short Scar is a procedure that reduces the size of the breast while leaving a less noticeable scar from the procedure’s incision. Patients looking for relief of neck and back pain due to weight and strain caused by large breast rely on this surgery. The procedure can be performed in two ways. One way is called the SPAIR method. The procedure uses a minimal incision which produces a scar around the areola and forms a line done the middle of the breast. This is incision is usually called a lollypop incision because of its resemblance to a lollypop and is used to remove breast material. The other method called a Scarless Breast Reduction. It uses liposuction and a small incision (about a quarter of an inch long) to remove breast material. Although this method reduces breast size with less scaring it can not lift the breast like the SPAIR method.

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