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Breast Lift – Short Scar Richmond

Breast Lift or Mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed on the female breast to correct the sagging or drooping that has occurred as a result of pregnancy, weight loss and aging. A newer technique called the Short Scar Mastopexy first introduced in Richmond by Dr. Ferland, provides longer lasting results and shorter scars. The Short Scar Mastopexy has taken the place of the old ‘anchor scar breast lift’ which subjected all patients to long scars on the chest and provided little support to the lifted breast. The newer Short Scar Mastopexy by Dr. Ferland provides short scars and internal suturing of the breast tissue for support, better shape and longer lasting results. The older ‘anchor scar breast lift’ is mentioned for historical purposes and is no longer recommended by Dr. Ferland.

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