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Richmond Breast Augmentation

Submuscular Breast Augmentation surgery doesn’t have to be painful anymore. With new and improved equipment and techniques, Dr. Ferland’s breast augmentation patients have minimal discomfort and use only ibuprofen for mild discomfort. After arriving home after surgery, patients start their arm exercises and they already can lie on their breasts for 10 to 15 minutes. The day after surgery they begin their implant exercises to help keep their breasts soft.  Patients are allowed to return to an exercise routine by 10 days. By the third week after surgery they are released to go back to more strenuous excercise routines.

Dr. Ferland specializes in breast augmentation surgery and the MTT – Minimal Tissue Trauma technique. The MTT is a surgical technique which Dr. Ferland performs with specialized equipment when placing an implant beneath the muscle. As the name implies it is a gentle technique which produces ‘Minimal Trauma’. In surgery, when one can avoid bleeding, bruising and excessive handling of tissues the patient’s pain is lessened. Dr. Ferland has found that the MTT dramatically reduces patient discomfort after surgery. Her and her patients are pleased with the ease of recovery and the fact that simple Motrin or Advil can relieve what little discomfort they have. Because patients are more comfortable after surgery they can immediately begin doing the necessary exercises that will help them achieve softer breasts and a more natural appearance for years to come. With such a dramatic improvement in patient discomfort when using this technique Dr. Ferland has coined the minimal tissue trauma way of doing her surgery as the MTT technique!

Breast implants are placed either above or behind the pectoralis muscle. The advantages of placing the implant behind the muscle include more soft tissue coverage over the implant, less implant visibility and rippling, less chance of capsular contraction and better mammographic examinations. There is also the benefit of the full muscle fascial coverage which gives better support of the implant over time. A disadvantage of placing the implant below the muscle may be more post operative discomfort but this is certainly not the case when Dr. Ferland uses the MTT technique. Her patients have significantly less discomfort and have an easier recovery. They return to normal daily activities quicker than if she had not used the MTT technique.

Saline-filled inflatable implants continue to be available for use in breast enlargement surgery. As of December 2006 Silicone implants are also now available for cosmetic breast augmentation. Silicone implants are still popular because of their more natural feel.

In preparing for breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Ferland takes into consideration the patients wishes and her physical characteristics. Time is spent taking careful measurements of your breasts and then implants are recommended. Using the Vectra Camera three dimensional pictures are taken.  Simulations of the results with different implants are produced to help the patient with the implant decision.  Implant shapes will also be discussed but the patient can choose from a number or different sizes and different shapes. The final choice on shape and size is the patient’s decision.

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