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Richmond Gynecomastia

Published on December 26, 2013

The condition known as Gynecomastia, or overdeveloped breasts in men, is actually a fairly common one. In many cases this condition will be grown out of, but for those in which that is not the case, it can be an

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Richmond Breast Augmentation

Published on December 19, 2013

The Breast Augmentation procedure is one of the most popular procedures in the country, with hundreds of thousands of women undergoing Breast Augmentation surgery every year. The Breast Augmentation procedure is a procedure which enhances the size of the breasts.

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Latisse Richmond Eyelash Growth

Published on December 12, 2013

Long, luscious, feminine lashes are commonly envied and cited amongst women’s top most desired facial features. Ever since “batting your lashes” to flirt became popular (origin is unknown, but is suspected to be around the 16th century) long, beautiful lashes

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Otoplasty Richmond

Published on December 5, 2013

For children born with ears that are more prominent than others and that stick out far from the sides of their head, teasing among peers can often be a devastating blow to their self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Ferland has been

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