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Otoplasty Richmond Ear Surgery for Kids and Adults

Published on September 26, 2013

It’s not easy being a kid, especially when you have a physical trait that makes it easy for kids to pick on you. Children born with ears that stick out from the head often find themselves the butt of their

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Richmond Gynecomastia

Published on September 12, 2013

The condition known as Gynecomastia, or overdeveloped breasts in men, is actually a fairly common one. In many cases this condition will be grown out of, but for those in which that is not the case, it can be an

Richmond Photo Gallery

Published on September 5, 2013

When researching a plastic surgery procedure that you are considering, it can be difficult to imagine what kind of results may be achievable, much less how those results will look on you- if they will be natural and aesthetically pleasing.

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