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Breast Reduction Richmond

Breast Reduction is a procedure performed to reduce the size of a woman’s breast. Large breasted women often complain of headaches, neck, back, and shoulder pain due to the excessive weight of their breasts. Young girls who develop large breasts at an early age often suffer from poor self-esteem. It is very common for these young ladies to wear large baggy clothes to conceal their breasts in order to avoid the unwanted attention. Large breasts also make it more difficult to participate in sports and can be a source of embarrassment.

Following breast reduction surgery, the complaints of pain are eliminated or greatly improved. Patient satisfaction is exceptionally high. These women exude a sense of relief and a ‘joy de vive’ they did not have before.

During the initial consultation I will make recommendations as to how much breast tissue should be excised, based on my examination, the patient’s goals, and her size frame. This all comes about after spending time with the patient and talking with her. A cup size cannot be guaranteed but, we are usually able to come to a good understanding of how to proceed and what the plan is.

Surgery is usually performed as an outpatient. Surgical drains are usually left in place for 1 to 3 days. There is sterile paper tape along the incision lines and there is a dressing held in place by the patient’s brassiere. Postoperative discomfort is well controlled with pain pills. The suture knots are clipped at 10 to 11 days after the surgery and tape is reapplied. The patient can wear a soft bra for support and comfort. An underwire bra can be worn as soon as it is comfortable and the incisions well healed or protected surgery. Regular exercise is resumed at 6 weeks.

The scars from the old standard breast reduction surgery were long and the patient had no choice but to accept them until NOW. Dr. Ferland remains up to date and innovate and now will only do the newer and better Short Scar Breast Reduction also known as the Vertical Scar Breast Reduction. The Short Scar Technique was perfected and popularized by Dr. Madeleine LeJour of Belgium followed by Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Finley from Banf, Alberta, Canada. With the Short Scar Technique not only are the scars shorter but there is more control on breast shape and maintenance of breast shape. Sagging and bottoming out are much less a problem with the newer technique of Short Scar Breast Reduction. These two women have done a great service to women with their tireless efforts and excellent surgical innovations. Here at Ferland Plastic Surgery, in Richmond, Virginia, you can be assured that the latest in surgical care is being offered to you. I have also applied and perfected this technique for breast lift and breast augmentation with breast lift. See the section on Breast Augmentation with Short Scar Breast Lift.

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